Zenni – Shop By Color


Creative was needed to introduce a shop by color site functionality paired with a fashion focused social media campaign.

  • Art Direction

  • Homepage Header

  • Landing Page

  • Email (2)

  • Blog
  • Social

Art Direction

A simple honed in approach to color theory and fashion. Four fashion concepts that can help customers buy the right color of glasses.

Homepage Header

The primary campaign image focused on the array of colors.

Landing Page

This was designed for these three primary calls to action:

  1. Shop campaign curated products.
  2. Shop by color category.
  3. Learn more from Zenni’s fashion blog.

Email (2)

Two marketing channels we created to promote the campaign and site functionality:

  1. Shop by color.
  2. Fashion blog and product.



Shop by Color’s success as a campaign became a primary fixture at Zenni pop-ups.