STRFKR, the band, wanted an album cover reflective of their live show which incorporated fir trees and occasional drag elements.

  • Art Direction

  • Album Art
  • Merchandise

Art Direction

I offered two approaches: a minimalist approach and a maximalist approach. The band, drawn towards playful absurdity, chose the maximalist approach.

(*Note: for their follow up EP, Jupiter, they picked my minimalist option.)

(Original) Album Art

An odd and playful cover to accentuating the band’s quirky nature.

10 Year Anniversary Album Art

With a significant line up change, the band wanted the cover to reflect the current line up. After seeing the band play Cindy Lauper’s ‘Girls just want to have fun’, I drew inspiration from the Golden Girls, and reorganized the original cover elements.



Seeing that the fans connected with the record art, the band incorporated the aesthetic into their live performance.