STRFKR – Future Past Lives


STRFKR and Polyvinyl Records needed album art that could be used for various products and mediums.

To pay homage to a well known NASA astronaut and STRFKR fan, the band asked for a few space themed elements. Other than this idea, the project began with the album’s tracks, no title, and a month timeline.

  • Art Direction

  • Album Art (3)
  • Lyric Video
  • Album Stream Video
  • Spotify Animations
  • Tour Posters (2)
  • Social

  • Merchandise

Art Direction

Knowing that this art would be used for a variety of things, a maximalist and modular approach was taken. Not only would this approach allow the work to remain fresh, it would also allow there to be multiple points of discovery and recognition.

Album Art

Focusing on various overarching themes on the record, I wanted to create imagery that resonated with the material without diminishing it by being too literal. I wanted to create unique spaces to dwell during the listening experience.

The album was released in many limited-edition formats, including:

  1. A four color screen-printed version.
  2. Multiple colored vinyl variants.
  3. Compact Disc.
  4. Cassette.

Lyric Video

For the first single we slowly revealed one segment of the album art through a simple animation. A lofi television distortion was added for emotive and visual effect.

Album Stream Video

Leveraging all 9 rooms featured on the record cover, a kaleidoscope effect was used in this 36 minute long streaming video. This allowed for multiple points of intrigue without spending a great deal of money.

Spotify Animations

10 loop animations derived from the album stream video were made for Spotify.

Tour Posters

Two posters were made to support the albums tours:

  1. A poster featuring a template for a kaleidocycle, which mimics the kaleidoscope album stream video.
  2. A re-imagined cover with new visuals.


Online the album tour graphics leveraged the aesthetic of the interior liner notes.


Multiple items were created for this album. Here are a few highlights.

  • Blacklight poster
  • Snail hat

  • Album cover pillow

  • Pin set

  • Puzzle

  • Snail tee

  • Monkey tee

  • Album art tee



Within weeks of the albums release fan art started pouring in.