STRFKR – Reptilians


A creative collaboration that has spanned over 10 years, the Reptilians album art has taken many shapes and forms.

The project was kicked off with the album’s tracks, no title, and a two week timeline.

The goal was to create imagery to elevate the listening experience.

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  • Merchandise

Art Direction

Drawing from inspiration from the sixties and eighties, the goal was to make something that was new.

Original Pressing

The imagery reflects over arching tones in the music and creates a landscape for the listener to play in.

The original pressing also came with a large poster to color (not pictured). The idea was a continuation from an art show I had where gallery goers participated in coloring an installation. The goal of the added element was to encourage making art.

Alternate Pressings

With a large fan base interested in alternate mixes, the band created these two unique pressings:

  1. Original and remixes of ‘Reptilians’ with an alternate title ‘Heaven’s Youth’.
  2. A picture disc of the original cover.

10 Year Anniversary Album Art

Seeing an opportunity to expand on the album art’s universe, a gatefold was added re-imagining the hand as a portal to other dimensions. The concept being that the same record can inhabit different spaces.

Album Art (Before & After)

With 10 more years of color and illustration knowledge at my disposal, many revisions to the original cover were made.


Many items have been made over the years. Here are a few recent ones.

  • Televisions Tee

  • Television Tee

  • Long Sleeve Television Tee

  • Record Slipmat

Social Posts

Teasing the reissue of the record, 18 posts were made that leveraged the albums art.



Since the making of this record there has been a significant cultural impact.