Zenni – Kids Flexible Glasses


Art direction was required for a campaign featuring a new product line for kids between the ages of 1-12. The campaign needed to focus on the products unique features and how it catered to an active youthful lifestyle.

  • Art Direction

  • Commercial Spot

  • Homepage Header
  • Landing Page

  • Email

Art Direction

A bold, minimalist, and color focused approach to accentuate the softer tone of the product.

Models were selected to reflect a range in demographic.

Product features relayed through infographics, demonstrations, and dialog.

Inspiration for the commercial spot was ‘Kids Say the Darnedest Things.’

Homepage Header

The primary campaign image highlighted a range of age and gender.

Landing Page

The landing page was designed around these four features:

  1. A page header with a link to the commercial.
  2. An infographic with product features.
  3. Category headers for ages 1-3, 4-8, and 9-12.
  4. Product listings.

Commercial Spot

For the entire shoot we created three stations:

  1. A sit-down station, where we would record the kids first impressions.
  2. An activity station, where kids show off the frames in action.
  3. A photoshoot station for the primary campaign graphics.


The email was made with all the functionality of the landing page.