STRFKR – Jupiter


Portland based indie synth pop act wanted album art for their a followup EP. A fan of one of my early album art pitches, they requested this design.

  • Art Direction

  • Album Art
  • Merchandise

Art Direction

Knowing the power of iconic imagery, I wanted to create a cover that would stand out.

(Original) Album Art

The cover features a colorful prism on cream. Layout is a mixture of a modern and dada aesthetic.

Album Art (Second Pressing)

To highlight the new pressing on a new label, the cover was reissued with the prism on black. For extra appeal a spot color was added to accentuate the line work.


This design being a crowd favorite, the print was put on a laundry list of items. Here are a few highlights.

  • Birdhouse – Jaw’s signature skateboard deck

  • Long sleeve tee
  • Watch

  • Hoodie



Since the making of this record there has been a significant cultural impact.