Zenni – Desert Collection


Branding creative was needed for a campaign featuring a collection of curated glasses on a desert theme.

  • Art Direction/Branding
  • Commercial Spot
  • Landing Page

  • Lookbook

  • Email (2)

Art Direction / Branding

This desert focused campaign followed a group of friends traveling through Joshua Tree, California.

The logo draws from a western theme common to that area.

All the names for the frames were based on flora of Joshua Tree.

Models were selected to reflect a range of demographic.

Commercial Spot

Working with an outdoor influencer and commercial team, we created this fashion forward commercial spot.

Photography and filming was captured during morning and evening hours.

All hiring and rentals were handled by the Creative Director.

Landing Page

The page was designed with these features:

  1. Page header.
  2. Lookbook.
  3. Lifestyle product highlights.
  4. Product listings.


To elevate the product at Zenni pop-up locations, a booklet featuring product and lifestyle photography was made.

Email (3)

Leveraging all the campaign value points we created three emails focused on these three areas:

  1. Lifestyle.
  2. Product.
  3. Commercial and Lookbook.



The Desert Collection campaign was a primary feature at Zenni pop-ups across the USA.